Every modern multi-media campaign has to include phones. They’re a phenomenal tool. We’ve pioneered new and innovative ways to put phones to work for you. Think of it – in a single hour, hundreds of thousands of calls can go out, carrying your critical message to people who can act on it.

Here’s just one example of a telemarketing campaign that we’ve done recently.

Case Study 
The Cook County Board had a problem. The budget was in dire straits – what new tax could they impose as a fix-it? They set their sights on a new leasing tax. If you could rent it, they likely would tax it. Cars, hotel rooms, even videos were among the vulnerable targets.

As might be expected, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce was unhappy at this prospect. We partnered with the Chamber to launch a phone campaign zeroing in on four county board members just days before the scheduled vote.

Automated calls swept through large tracts of Chicago voters. All in all, we clocked about 250,000 calls per hour. But there was a special feature: voters answering their phone were given a take-action-now option. They could be connected directly to the offices of the county board members to register their opinions on the proposed tax.

Our telemarketing effort prompted such a huge grassroots swell of opposition that the county board could not pass the tax.

This is especially remarkable given that we’d had only three days to try to end-run the tax initiative. No doubt about it, the phone blitz was the hero.