Communication Plans

Maybe you’ve seen the figure: Every hour spent planning saves some three to four hours of aimless, unproductive effort.

So while hashing out a plan — a roadmap, really — can seem at the time like just a cerebral exercise, it imposes much-needed discipline on your communication efforts.

For example, are the stakeholders in your effort/organization in agreement about the desired outcomes? Do they know how much time and money will be involved? Are they onboard with the specific measures to be taken to reach the finish line? And how about metrics; how will you measure the outcomes?

Hodas & Associates develops communication plans that will keep you on track and on budget. We’ll guide you through the minutiae that can so often cause plans to be abandoned before they’ve had a chance to be fully formed.

Let us develop a communication plan for you, and experience first-hand the ways that a roadmap can point you to success.