Hodas Appointed to Gov’s Prayer Board

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Glenn Hodas, one of the principles of Hodas and Associates, was recently appointed to the Illinois Governor’s Prayer Breakfast Board.

The Board organizes an annual prayer breakfast — this year featured the ambassador from Habitat for Humanity International — as an expression of spiritual support for the Governor and other Illinois officials. Hodas served as the Board’s publicist, helping develop a Web site, an e-strategy, a logo and executing media relations.

“It’s been very fulfilling to work with so many inspired and gifted people,” said Hodas. “Bringing people of different faiths together to pray for state officials shows that we can overcome our differences, when we focus on what we have in common.”

Formed in 1962, the Illinois Governor’s Prayer Board is modeled after the National Prayer Breakfast and brings together several hundred attendees. The early morning event draws business executives, educators, government officials, and community leaders, all coming together to celebrate Illinois’ spiritual heritage and seek God’s guidance for the State’s elected officials.


About Glenn Hodas

Glenn Hodas is a political consultant with over twenty years of experience working with candidates & government officials, political campaigns, and trade associations.

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