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2014 General Election
2014 General Election Turnout
2014 General Election Turnout Comparison
2014 General Election Registration Changes
2012 General Election Results
2012 General Election Results – Springfield IL
New Legislative Districts – Downstate
New Legislative Districts – Metro
State Senate Election Schedule

State Board of Election Documents

A-1 Form (form fillable)
D-4 complaint form (form fillable)
D-1 form (form fillable)
In-kind Notification Form (form fillable)
Self-Funding Notification Form (form fillable)
Request for Voter Information (form fillable)
Candidates Guide (2016)
Campaign Disclosure Calendar (2016)
Election Calendar (2015)
Contribution Limits
Contribution Summary
Guide for Fundraisers
County Officers

Illinois General Assembly

Illinois House Calendar
Illinois Senate Calendar
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