• Unemployment Map – National & Illinois

    Check out this PBS graphic portraying unemployment across the nation, and in Illinois. Mouse over the states, and the individual counties to check the October 2012 unemployment figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although somewhat dated, the graphic shows how Illinois leads the midwest in unemployment. Looking at the Illinois map, you can see unemployment spikes in Central ...

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  • Reuters: Obama’s ad team used cable TV to outplay Romney

    Original Article:  Analysis: Obama's ad team used cable TV to outplay Romney | Reuters. (Reuters) - As political experts assess Republican Mitt Romney's failed U.S. presidential bid, an analysis of how his campaign and President Barack Obama's winning team used cable TV to target ads at specific groups of voters may offer some valuable tips for the future.

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  • Comparing 2012 with 2008

    Although the 2012 election is now more than two months past, we political junkies are still having a lot of fun hashing it over.  Especially against the backdrop of 2008.  Think about it:  how did Obama's performance stack up in the two elections?  What happened overall in voter turnout?  And voter registration -- Up?  Down?  Flat? Maps to the rescue, ...

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  • Census Data & Apportionment Changes Graphic

    The US Census Bureau has some of the most fascinating data available on the American population.   Check out this interactive map, which allows you to see apportionment, population density, and population change by state -- from 1910 to 2010. INTERACTIVE MAP Mouse over individual states, and select tabs at the ...

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  • Party Control of State Legislatures

    Check out the new political map we just posted, detailing political party control of state legislatures throughout the country. Red-shaded states depict GOP-majorities in both chambers, while blue-shading indicate Democrat majorities. States which have split-party control (one chamber controlled by either party) are shaded green. Click here to go to the interactive map.

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  • Illinois General Assembly Calendar

    hile the 97th General Assembly is expiring in January, the new 98th General Assembly is just beginning.   For those using the calendar and scheduling features of Mac's, iPads, or iPhones, I have published a 2013 session calendar on-line. Clicking on the button below will allow you to 'subscribe' to the session calendar:  you can overlay the session calendar against ...

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  • 2012 Election Results: Tables

    Here are the county-by-county presidential election results in Illinois, in table format.  Besides the table for downstate results (including independent election authorities) , I also have separate tables for Suburban Cook County Townships, as well as Chicago Wards (scroll down for both).   Table Functionality The tables have some built-in ...

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  • Counting the Days

    Municipal Elections Local governments throughout Illinois will be holding elections on April 9, 2013.  This graphic shows the time left until Election Day.  And while it seems like a long time, it really isn't.   Feel free to bookmark this countdown timer, and use ...

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  • 2012 Election Results: Maps

    2012 Maps Check out the new maps I just finished of the presidential election in Illinois.  Results are displayed by county, and by suburban township in Cook County.   Also have a turnout breakdown as well. Results were obtained from each county clerk or election authority, from their published ...

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