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    Sometimes you just know it's time to throw your hat into the ring. We're here to help.

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    Got an issue on the ballot or in front of the legislature? Turn to us.

  • Interest Groups/Trade Affairs

    Your organization needs to flex its public affairs might. Here's how.

  • Strategic Planning

    So you're at Point A, and you've got to get to Point B. Except you can't even see it from here. Time to get yourself a plan.

We look forward to working with you!

No doubt about it: Public affairs touches many aspects of life, and often in complex ways. Let Hodas & Associates help you navigate it all. Whether it's conducting political campaigns, passing referendums, framing the discussion, or bolstering the political presence of organizations, we've done it or made it happen. Take a moment, and take a tour of our site. Then reach out to us. We're here, ready to team up on your public affairs needs.

About us

For 25 years, we've worked with local, state and federal candidates and governments. Working with Hodas & Associates means working with campaign experts, pollsters, media buyers, photographers, video production teams, editors and graphic designers to help execute your campaign or media message.

Products & Services

If it’s a communication channel, we offer it: TV & Radio, Direct Mail, Automated Phones, Consulting, Polling, Media Relations, Strategic Planning.

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